Callus or Hard Skin

The body will try to protect itself when it is under extra pressure, it does this by thickening itself in the form of hard skin or callus. This is a normal reaction but when the pressure continues so does the thickening until it becomes painful. On the foot this extra pressure can be due to its shape, but more often than not the pressure is caused by footwear.

Callus tends to look yellowy, especially when wet and is often hard and shiny. It tends to occur over a large area on the skin.

How to treat callus

Try to find the cause of the extra pressure and if possible remove. If your shoes seem tight and are bulging to fit your feet the extra pressure in time may cause this problem.

Gently filing the area will reduce the callus down (A sandpaper/glass paper foot file best used when the feet are dry before they are washed)

A light application of moisturising cream will improve the texture of the skin, especially if it’s dry.

If this is unsuccessful the build up of callus may be too much and a visit to a Chiropodist/Podiatrist may be required for reduction to give you a helpful start.

Continual Treatment

In most cases regular filing (about 1-2 x a week or as needed), will keep your feet comfortable.

Remember a little callus is the body’s way to protect itself so try not to over file the area or it may become sore.

Avoid using sharp instruments to remove the callus, the foot file should work and you are more likely to cause yourself an injury rather than help the situation.

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