Thick Toenails

Nails can become thickened usually as a result of damage, and or gross neglect, and may be complicated by the presence of a fungal infection, which will also make the nail “crumbly”. When the nail is thick it can become very uncomfortable and will often press on your shoe or dig into other toes. It may be seen on single or multiple toes, often depending on the cause.

How to treat thickened nails

Thick nails are often very difficult and sometimes painful to cut. Some patients have even resorted to wire cutters to try and trim them. The best and easiest way to manage these nails is to try and get them cut to a comfortable length, you may need to visit a chiropodist/podiatrist to start you off. I would then recommend with regular filing, the nail would stay at this comfortable length and never need to be cut. If you wanted to occasionally get them tidied you could then do so.

The best files I have found look like paddles and are double sided with sand/glass paper on them. Always file the nails before washing them when they are hard and dry this leads to the best results.

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