Subungal haematoma (blood under the nail)

If we shut our fingers in a door the nail will turn dark red black as under the nail fills up with blood. This is the same with our toenails, when the nail becomes suddenly damaged causing blood to form under the nail often due to either dropping an object onto the toe, poorly fitting footwear, or after strenuous exercise such as long distance walking or running.

The amount of blood can range from small lines, to the whole nail being discoloured by bleeding and when it initially happens it can be very painful.

How to treat

Over than the initial cause of the problem the pressure of the blood causes extreme pain. If this is the case releasing the blood by piercing the nails surface will give an instant relief (only within the 1st 24 hours).

You would need to see a Chiropodist/Podiatrist or your doctor within this time period. Once 24 hrs has passed the nail may become loose and the blood beneath dry. If it is still painful cutting back and clearing by the Chiropodist/Podiatrist can still help.