Nerve Damage


Pain in the ball of the foot is called (Metatarsalgia)

Pain in this area is also often due to various conditions including arthritis, stress fractures, nerve damage.
Nerve damage (neuroma)

When the nerves in the front of the foot become squashed effecting their supply to the foot, it can make everyday walking uncomfortable. Symptoms range from occasional pins and needles to acute toothache that can gnaw away until you do something about it.

Many things can damage or press on the nerve, generally tight footwear, carrying too much body weight, poor circulation or arthritis.

How to treat

As already mentioned tight footwear will squash the front of the foot applying too much pressure on the nerves. (See section on footwear) Trainers with an arch support can often feel more supportive and reduce the pain you are feeling.

If you are overweight more pressure will be placed on the front of the foot and if possible loosing some weight can be a big help. This condition is often found temporarily in pregnant women.

If symptoms continue I suggest seeing a podiatrist or your doctor who may recommend foot orthosis, a course of non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or a cortical-steroid injection to reduce the inflammation and pain.