A very painful condition which tends to occur suddenly, affecting the joints of the body causing them to swell and become very painful to move and often-salmony pink/red. The condition is caused by an abnormal level of a chemical called Uric acid in the blood stream forming small crystals like grains of rice in joints of the body. In the foot this often forms over the “bunion” joint. The “attack” subsides after a few days.

How to treat

A sudden onset will really require you to see you doctor for anti-inflammatory drugs, and blood tests to confirm the presence of the excessive uric acid crystals in the blood.

Continued Care

If blood tests confirm gout, the individual will be put onto medication, to control the uric acid levels for the future.

There are tales that high living of red wine, port and a chemical found in blue cheeses such as Stilton cause gout. Whilst this is not proven to be true if you do have gout often such food and drink may aggravate the condition and therefore could be avoided or restricted till the problem improves.