Care Of Your Nails

In general we wait until our toenails catch on our bedclothes or socks before we cut them. It is far safer and better for us however to try to take care of them on a regular basis.

Interesting nail facts

  • We have nails on our toes as protection. 
  • The average persons toenails takes 6-9 months to grow from bottom to top. 
  •  Our nails appearance can tell us a lot about our general health and some medical conditions we have e.g. psoriasis.

When cutting your nails I would advise that the best time to do so is after you have had a bath or a shower when they are softer. Using nail scissors or clippers cut the nail following the shape of the curve, not too short and leaving the corners just clear of the fleshy part of the toe.

If leaving square sharp corners can be uncomfortable causing the nail edge to catch and irritate the other toes. NEVER be tempted to cut down the side of the nail as this will often lead to an Ingrowing toenail. It may make the nail feel more comfortable for a few days but as the nail grows up the problem will reoccur again. If this problem continues to occur seek the advice of a Podiatrist.

If you find reaching down to cut your nails has become difficult or the nails have become too thick for you to easily cut then I would recommend the use of a foot file. It is far easier to file your nails especially if the foot file has a long handle. It is best to sand the nails before you bathe your feet when the nail texture is dry.

File the nail straight over the top away from your foot in a downward direction and only in the one direction as if you file in both directions it is often very uncomfortable. Remember if you are still struggling you could file one foots nails one day and the other foot the next.

Sandpaper foot files can be purchased from most chemists and supermarkets. If you are still struggling seek some help from a Podiatrist.

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