Childrens Feet

I believe these to be the most precious of feet, as the way we look after them will affect them for the rest of their lives. Your feet continue to grow until about 18 years old. A baby’s foot contains no real bones, but soft, bendy cartilage material.

 As the child grows this hardens and forms bones more recognised in an adult foot. For this reason choosing when to buy your child their first shoes and what type and style to buy is vital.

It is very tempting to put your child in shoes from a very early age the shoes do look very cute, but I feel that they are really not necessary.

I would advise that the first pair of shoes be purchased when the child starts to walk, this varies from between 9 and 20 months all children are different.  When they are going to start walking outside i.e.5-10 steps or more its time to go shopping.